Please help. FNPs.


Hi. I am currently in FNP program and having trouble with finding a FNP to interview for my paper.

I am working in a critical care unit and so only NPs I know are all ACNPs. I have talked to one FNP that one of my co-worker introduced me, however, her answers are pretty much what I expected, since the person is pretty new FNP. I want to know what other opinions are out there. I will be using your opinions as references (with your screen ID). You can also PM me, if you dont mind.

If you would please help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Q1. Is there a specific theory that you find very useful when practicing as a FNP, whether it's nursing or non nursing theory?

Q2. Could you give an example to Q1, such as your own experience?

Q3. Do you find researches or EBPs helpful when you practice as a FNP?