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Please Help: Confused on schools and other things


Hello Everyone,

I am very lost at this moment and I am very unsure of what I should do. I have been attending the University of Toledo Nursing program for 2 years now and this is my 4th semester of classes. My first semester I was a CSE major and so switching has put me behind a little bit and long story short I cannot apply to the actual program until September of this year however this puts me in a very horrible spot. If I cannot apply until September then I am risking not getting into the program and therefore risking having no way to apply to a different school until January of 2011. I don't want to waste a semester. So now I'm torn. I will finish this semester but I've been told a number of different things on the Nursing program and the difficulty of getting in. I've been told that I need a 3.5, that I need a 3.8, that my current 3.2 should be enough as long as it doesn't drop, and I am just so concerned.

Then there is also Mercy College of Northwest Ohio just around the block, I will have to go to school longer still, but it's better than being rejected by the Toledo program and unable to go to school for the Fall '10 semester.

Can anyone PLEASE tell me about EITHER of the two programs? I am so lost and so unsure of where I want to go. I feel like I can't do this and it's breaking my heart. I was so set on Nursing, so sure I wanted to help people and make a difference but now I feel like I'm not good enough, not smart enough or not willed enough. What should I do? I beg you for honesty.



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I guess no one has even read this message. I just really don't even know what to do so if anyone has any advice relating to ANYTHING like this that would help a lot :(...


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I am not that familiar with either of the programs, even though I lived in Toledo for 4 years. However, from a nursing standpoint. I would apply to both schools. It can't hurt. If you get into Mercy you have that to fall back on if you don't get into UT in the fall. Keep your grades up, and dont give up. Waiting one semester is not that long in the grand scheme of things. So if by some chance you don't get in to either one, keep your head up and keep trying. But it really can't hurt to apply to both and it would be a wonderful dilemma if you got accepted to both.

Good Luck!!