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Please advise me


hi there

i took the CRNE in October 09, and i got the result that i am failed with few marks.

i am wondering, is there any good review course available in toronto. i took one

previous time in a community college but its useless.

I heard that there is a Philippine guy who works in one of the hospitals in Toronto

also conduct the review courses. there is some one who told me about this person,

and she said he is awesome. but unfortunately she couldn't gather his details for me

if any body has an idea about this guy, please let me know his contact details.or if

not if anyone has taken the course some where in Toronto and feel good about it, please

let me know.

by the way please advise me whether i can take the exam in Feb 2010 , or do i have to

give my self some more time for preparation and take it in june 2010. i couldn't decide on this

please post me some advises

thank you very much


If you are an IEN, I suggest you contact http://www.care4nurses.org/ they have helped many IENs and are an organization that is recommended on the CNO website. As for the "Phillipine guy who works in one of the Toronto hospitals also conducts review courses", if this is the same guy who was recently listed on the CNO's disiplinary hearing schedule than he is not awesome. He distributed actual CRNE test questions and any prospective exam writer who accepted copyrighted material from him knowingly cheated on the CRNE.


I do not see any names along with credentials of the people teaching the course at torontoschoolof health, so I would not consider the service they provide reliable.

I do see names and credantials of the instructors teaching the course at passnurse, so I consider this service more reliable than torontoschool.


That's what i though too, they don't have any names, but their course is longer and I don't see any dates about courses in passnurse.

I don't know what to do.

I actually got a letter about Mohawk - Enhanced RN exam prep

but is way too far for me to go to.

hii dishes,

if u talking about the review course from care for nurses just let me know hows their study...m confuse to do their review course or self study...pls guide me...m international nurse

thanks in advance