Planning on going to P.B.C.C for my RN's soon HELP! need info.


hi, i am planning to go to pbcc "belle glade campus" to hopefully become an rn, but heres the thing i have no info an how it all works ive heard a few things here and there but how can i confirm it? i have called pbcc for info on the rn program but they weren't able to tell much so then i was told to call this number to speak to an instructor who can tell everything i needed to know but no one ever answers... so im basically clueless about the whole thing and its so frustrating because i want to go to school and have a career a good paying job and so on, see im the type of person who likes to waste no time the sooner the better. but can anyone please give the 411 on how the program works? i heard there is a waiting list is that true? all details, advice and info will be greatly appreciated thanks and hope to here from someone soon.

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