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I am new to this site and new at my job. I am the nurse manager of a recently opened methadone clinic and have been asked to write a protocol for verbal orders. The only orders we get are for the dose of methadone to be given.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thanks from Jane in Rockland, Maine


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We just did something recently where I work.

1. Receive V.O. from physician.

2. Read order back to physician for confirmation.

3. Then whatever your protocol is for signing off on the order, following through with, writing in the chart, etc.

You will have more than 3 items I'm sure but this is just an example.

I'm probably not much help but I work at a similar facility and this is what ours say. We just had to do the same thing. I could give you more detail when I get back to work Monday if you get no other responses.

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