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We've noticed a trend lately at our small LDRP. We've had alot of pit inductions on women (including primips) who are either pre- or at-dates with no clear reason other than "I'm tired of carrying this baby!" Anybody have anything to offer on this one?

We've also had a rise in the number of sections...


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Gee Tracy, you must work in my unit.... that;s about all we do is "social inductions". We have ONE doc who actually makes pts wait to be truly post-dates by at least a few days, unless there is a problem of course. It sickens me, but frankly I am over fighting "the establishment" about it. Yes, yes, I know... but I've been at this a long time and I'm tired. I take good care of my patients, but I don't fight it anymore. When I see an induction scheduled for a week from now on a 37 week pt for "decreased fetal movement", I just sigh and get to work. I know it's not like this everywhere - I've worked other places that aren't so bad, and probably will again. But dumb doctors and brown-nosing administration can be found everywhere, unfortunately...



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I haven't posted very much but I have enjoyed reading the posts.

We call them convenience inductions.

Ours are because the doc won't be in town, etc.

We just had a couple of inductions at 38 weeks for no good reason.

Only one of our docs (out of 5, small town) waits for post dates. It is very frustrating to say the least. Another one of our docs will actually AROM way too early like at -2 station or more unless we step in and say something to him. Even then he will do it sometimes and we have to do fundal pressure. Then, of course, we are committed to a 2 day induction of pit. or a section. (Most of our docs will section after 12 hrs. of membranes being ruptured).

Anyway, sorry for the rambling, I'm tired and did I mention that we are short staffed (sevierly).

Good Luck with your situations.


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