Pinning this was indeed "all worth it"


I just had to post last night of class is tonight. My RN pinning ceremony is this Sunday. I plan to take and pass my NCLEX within weeks. I never thought this day would come. All of the tears, body/muscle aches, feelings of inadequacy and I remember feeling like i was going to accidentally kill a patient..rolling him over and being afraid (and could just picture) his trach popping out/off..sticking someone and bruising up their arm.. missing a VITAL tid bit of info that would lead to sudden patient death... BUT GUESS WHAT?? it didnt happen!! BOTH ME AND MY PATIENTS SURVIVED! (can we say awesome) I actually am coming through this GOD awful/ wonderful experience feeling like hey give me a patient...I dont think I will kill them!! For everyone still going through this...HANG IN THERE trust your gutt communicate with your patients slow down breathe and take your time you can DO THIS...!!!

ps use the wealth of knowledge your instructors have...they know you dont know what you are doing...but they WILL help you learn it! if it makes you look like you are kissing what better to ask than to never learn! Try and volunteer for any experiences you can while in school. Better to try and make mistakes now than when you hit a floor on your first job right??

good luck and hang in there future nurses you can do it!:nurse::yeah::nurse: