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Pima cc co requisites and wait list?

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I am graduating highschool this coming may and would like to start my prerequisites and apply! i don't know how long the waitlist is and want to hear current experiences if anyone has any! Also i keep reading about coreqs while you're waiting. how does tht work? and how many classes would you take in the program afterwards?

Someone help me please!

The waiting list is several years, but most people get in sooner than they are originally told they will. The coreqs people are talking about are the things you'll have to take in the program along with your nursing skills courses. There will only be a couple you can take without actually being in the program, but it would probably be nice to have them out of the way. I don't know what they are, but pathophysiology is probably one...

I applied Aug. 2013 and my Pima Community College start date is Aug. 2018 !? Needless to say that I will NOT be waiting 5 years to get into an associate program. Mind you I have ALL of the pre-reqs finished as well (even the ones that you can do while in the program but I wouldn't recommend doing that). Best wishes for you but honestly you are better off just going for a BSN.


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The wait list is over 3 years right now. I had a date/time stamp in August 2011 and just got placed for Spring 2014 which will make it 2.5 years. The program capacities have gotten lower since I applied and the waitlist is longer than it was when I applied, so I would expect the wait to be much longer. Right now the best ways to get in faster is a few different ways. One is through CEP. You take your BSN course with your ADN courses, then have 1 year of BSN courses left after getting your license. There are a few extra pre reqs that you can take after you are on the waitlist. Then you can apply in that way. It is competitive though so you need to try for all As. Another path is taking all the BSN pre reqs at a CC, then apply directly into a BSN program. Also will be competitive. Another route is getting into a LPN program at GWCC. the waitlist is 1-2 semsters. Then apply for block 3 placement at a CC. The waitlist is 1-2 semesters, if any. It all depends on how many students fail or drop out of the first 2 blocks. The waitlist is best suited for applicants whos GPA is not competitive enough for direct entry into a BSN program, or who dont have the desire to complete the BSN program. Good luck


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