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Where did you do your leadership practicum? Did it help with NCLEX? And is that the unit you got hired on? I am a piedmont scholar about to graduate in Dec and considering doing my leadership in CCU/ICU or perioperative. If you have done your leadership in one of these areas or work now in that area...please offer any advice. Thanks!


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I am a recent Piedmont Scholar and I have a few questions for you.

What is the tech/pt ratio?

Do you work days or nights?

How do you like working as a tech there?

Are you on the float pool?

How do the nurses treat you there?

Are they giving you a choice where to do your leadership? I thought they placed you were ever there was a need.

I am excited and I can't wait to start. I am still trying to decide if I want to work days or nights.



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1. The tech/pt ratio depends on the unit you are working on. But generally, you may have as many as 15 pts.

2. I am not a tech. I am now an RN at Piedmont and was never required to work as a tech while I was still in school. That is a new requirement. The scholarship you have is quite different from the Piedmont Scholarship I had.

3. The nurses there are very friendly and helpful.

4. Yes, I was a given a choice of where I wanted to do my leadership practicum; however there is no gurantee that a position will be available on that unit by the time you graduate. 5. There was not a position avail for the dept I did my practicum on therefore I was hired for a different dept following graduation.

6. It is likely that while you are in school you will be working days or wknds. Nights is only a good idea on wknds during school.

I hope this helps. Congrats on getting the scholarship! I'm sure I'll eventually see you around Piedmont sometime.


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Thank you,

I am excited and I can't wait. 15 pts for one person is alot!!

I guess they changed things around. We are required to work two 12 hr shifts per month until we graduate. I'm happy b/c I have never worked in the hospital before. I also know this will help me with my classes. Seeing things in real life helps me understand the material better.

What department to you work in now and how do you like it? I would like to be in the ICU.

Thanks for getting back to me!!

Have a great day!!

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