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Piedmont Hospital RN Residency


Does anyone know when we might start hearing about possible interviews? I've heard they take a bit longer to respond, but I'm getting antsy.

I've been told that Piedmont and Emory are the slowest in the Atlanta area to get their process rolling. Many of Piedmont's residency applications are still open, so I'm guessing it'll be several weeks before they start making calls. No one I know has been contacted by Piedmont regarding the residencies, not even friends who work at Piedmont as externs.

That's good to hear! I also noticed that they've started to report residency applications - today, Mother/Baby was reposted. I thought that was a bit odd. Hopefully we'll hear some responses soon. It would be great to have a job secured by May!

Was it for Atlanta? They have multiple campuses so it could have been for Fayetteville. A friend of mine just interviewed at ATL for Med Surg today so the ball is starting to roll!

Oh, really? This is the first I've heard! Did your friend apply for med/surg only?

I didn't apply anywhere for med/surg, and I'm starting to think that it would've been a safer bet to do so!

No, they want to be an L&D nurse but are having trouble getting interviews for the specialty, so they branched out to med/surg. L&D apparently very rough competition with limited available slots from what I've heard from my cohort!