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    I am trying to vamp up my Preceptor Program for new grads to my unit. We have anywhere from 5 to 15 at a time 2 to 3 times a year. It wears me out. With each new bunch I try to mix thing up with the end evals that I receive from them. They are usually on 12 to 15 weeks to learn about what we do.
    We are a high level acuity unit, ECMO, heart, & kidney transplants, heart defects (we have at least 3 a week which will end up on ECMO sometimes) Major trauma, burns up to 25% - 50% at times, septic, resp distress, neuro kids with bolts and just about anything that is wheeled thur our doors.
    I have a good program but would like to see what other units are using. I have been on both ends of the program. I was hired in as a new grad six years ago. There was 3 of use and we were the test group to see if new grads would work out. (We are all still there.)It worked out with it's ups & downs.
    Two years ago I created a new postion as a night shift clinical educator for my unit. As far as I know there are no others hospitals or units that are doing this in my area. I did this because I was tired of the night shift being left out or being put out to come in on their days of. It has worked wonders for the moral of the nurses.
    Any help would be great. If you would want to talk I will be glad to speak with you.
    Thnk you
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