Persistent SVT

  1. Someone have experience in management of recurrent SVT (more than 12 episodes/d) in a baby (1 month old) who underwent cardiac surgery ? Those episodes ceases with Adenosine bolus and actually the baby has amiodarone (cont) and propranolol Iv (q6h).
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  3. by   anndor
    I'm not sure how long post-op this works, but any child that is prone to JET (Junctional ectopic tachycardia), we cool to between 35 - 36 Celcius. They need to be sedated and paralysed for this. We also block them completely with Amiodarone 25 mcg/kg/min for 4 hours, then 15 mcg/kg/min. We would then pace them at a rate faster than their intrinsic rate. I guess your next port of call would be ablation in the cath lab. Good luck!