need help with Broselow tape medication standard

  1. Help--I have no pedi experience! Please tell me what your hospital is doing with the new Broselow tapes to comply with minimizing pedi drip concentrations. We have to change from the rule of 6 tapes to the new Broselow tapes. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   rjflyn
    Well I spent a year i PICU and there we typically knew the patients wt and as such didnt use the Broselow tape. When I started there a couple years ago we were in the process of switching and it was tough is all I can say. Since we used syringe pumps on almost every patient with micro tubing ie 0.3ml flush volumes it was decided to go with fairly high concentrations. This was because we also overflowed from the peds cardio icu and tended to have pts from 3-4kg and more. Didnt want to be giving lots of fluid.