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  1. I have been an RN since August 2015. I started out in kids psych because I wanted to gain experience with kids in order to become a pediatric nurse. My dream job was the NICU. Everywhere I went I ended up giving up looking for a NICU position or even general peds because everyone required experience... none were willing to hire and train. I since changed to step down nursing for 1.5 years now. I'm on a critical care step down floor doing a lot of cardiac gtt and post open hearts. I do love it but we moved floors. Since we moved the management has been shedding a blind eye to very important issues I have brought up, all of the nurses but a select few just don't care and are so unhelpful. Management has had a cry for help but the nurses don't seem to care, especially the CNAs. It's been really rough. I considered transferring to CVICU but having a hard time communicating with the manager there. I had an interview with pediatrics and they said they would put me on a NICU or PICU floor after a "solid year".

    I feel like if I go to peds I will lose a lot of knowledge from going to critical care to a general floor but at the same time if I stay where I am, I will be burnt out in no time.

    Do do I transfer to peds then eventually transfer to intensive care peds?
    Do I continue to persue CVICU managed to meet with her?
    Do I just stay where I am in hopes I don't get burnt out?
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