any neonatal nurses???

  1. Hey there!!

    I've just finished my training in the UK, but i've done the Adult Nursing Branch. However my passion is in neonatal nursing.

    Luckily, some neonatal units take on adult nurses, and theres a job just come up in a regional neonatal unit near me. I'm applying for it and they're happy to let me do so, but I've got a lot of work to do in my application to convince them to at least interview me. Loads of people applying are going to have experience, and also will be child branch nurses.

    I've made a big point about how passionate I am for this field of nursing. But i'm trying to make it seem like being an adult nurse might give me other advantages.

    Can you guys think of any traits that I might have as an adult nurse that I can bring to the neonatal field? Or do you have any tips on what you're looking for from a future applicant, and what traits you'd like to hear about on the job application? I've mentioned that I can care well for the family, obv I'm really used to supporting adults and being their advocate etc.

    I really really want this! Thanks for your time and help!
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  3. by   HappyPediRN
    Take a look inside yourself Minnie. A neonatal nurse is born, not made, so what characteristics do you possess that would be admirable in a NICU setting? Why are you passionate about it? Is it just because you love babies or is there something deeper that drives you? Almost nothing of what you learned in adult nursing will be applicable in a NICU, in fact you will have to unlearn quite a bit so don't focus on what you can bring from ADULT nursing, focus on what YOU can bring as a person and as a compassionate nurse. These are critically ill newborns whose family is riddled with guilt and pain because they feel they could have prevented what their newborn is going through...and some of them could have been able to, so you will have to be able to suppress your urge to judge. If you're going to work in a level III NICU, you will have to be able to think critically and quickly on your feet. These are the sickest babies you will ever come across. Are you organized? Are you able to think independently but work cohesively? You will learn a whole new definition of team player if you work in a NICU. You will have to be kind, compassionate, patient, able to deal with concerned families hovering and asking lots of questions that you may not know the answers to. If you are able to do all of this you will make a wonderful NICU nurse. Remember, everything you need to get this job is already inside of you. Let your passion show through, especially in your cover letter. Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. by   Sun*shine
    thank you so much, that's given me some wonderful ideas!! I've nearly finished writing it into my personal statement, it's about a page long...hope I don't bore them!! The truth is i've little other than character and passion to offer the neonatal unit, but i hope that will be enough. I'm a fast learner and I don't mind being told to forget everything i've ever learnt!! I'm definatly going to make it sound like I have lots to learn but that I'm really excited about doing that. Because I really am!!
  5. by   MandaAnda
    Minnie, I'm a NQ and now working on a neonatal unit. However, I'm child branch trained, so I have no advice on the adult branch side of things.

    But, as October Bride said, it'll be what you can offer that they'll be interested in. I only applied for neonatal posts before I qualified, as I knew that's what I wanted to do - I applied for 9 and was shortlisted for every single one. Since I'm newly qualified, it certainly wasn't experience that impressed them - I think it was the passion in my personal statement. At the interview for the job I took, I had to write a 200 word essay about family centred care, so have a look at that.

    You'll be going for Band 5 posts, so they won't expect the world of you, so don't feel pressured. Just let your passion and dedication to that area of nursing shine through.

    Outta curiosity, where in England do you live?
  6. by   Sun*shine
    I'm from Leeds. the job is at Leeds General Infirmary. Although I did my training at Huddersfield University. Where abouts are you based?
  7. by   MandaAnda
    West London. There were loads of neonatal jobs going in London recently.
  8. by   texas2007
    Minnie, I'm not sure if you saw it, but there is a neonatal forum located here:
  9. by   Sun*shine
    lol no i hadn't noticed that one. i've just sent in the application. i'd hold my breath but the job doesn't close for a week or so yet! i'd love to spend some time down in London and maybe stay in nhs accomodation, when i'm earned a bit of money. i dream of woking in a huge kiddies hospital like Great Ormond St. it looks like fun!!
  10. by   MandaAnda
    Just keep in mind that GOSH wants you to have one year post-registration experience, even for Band 5 posts.
  11. by   Sun*shine
    Thanks everyone, I've accepted an adult nurse job but just found out i've got the neonatal interview! even if i dont get the job I feel like it's a big step for me.
  12. by   MandaAnda
    Congratulations. I hope you get offered the NNU job. If not, chalk it up as really good interview experience for what you ultimately want to do.