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I am having difficulty deciding which NP route to pursue. I am currently a level 3 postpartum/mother-baby nurse. I love what I do but crave the normal schedule and have always planned to pursue a higher degree. When I originally went to nursing school I wanted to work as a pediatric nurse but fell in love with maternal-newborn health during my last clinical. I recently job shadowed to pediatric units and while I enjoyed the patients, the inpatient environment for extremely sick kids didn't interest me as much. I feel that I would do well in a clinic type environment with children, annual check ups, ear infections, etc. In my pediatric clinical half was inpatient and half was clinic which I enjoyed. My favorite part of my current job is educating parents on newborn and postpartum care, follow-up care, etc. I haven't been able to find an NP route that would let me do both postpartum and neonate care. Does anyone have any advice on how to pick between the two? Any previously postpartum nurse who didn't pursue Women's Health NP?

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