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Hi guys

New member here, wanted to get some input on two choices I have for colleges.

So quick background, I'm 25, prior military, married, and we have a 14 month old. I've decided I want to be a nurse and I'm looking for the best route to get there.

I'm currently attending Valencia in their prereq program, but I don't have the luxury of waiting for 2 years. So I'm considering either Keiser or ITT Tech for their ASN program. Both programs are accredited, but I've been told ITT is not accredited from the NLN. So while it's an accredited program, my credits wouldn't transfer (if I ever went that route).

So is there a huge difference in either program? Keiser keeps telling me that if it's not NLN accredited I won't be able to get a job afterwards.

Thanks for the input, I look forward to talking to everyone!

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I'm in the same boat and I'm pretty confident I'll be joining Keiser. Yes, they are the most expensive option but it's what works best for us. They are fully accredited so if you want to move onto a BSN after you get working at a public university then your classes will transfer (I got confirmation from USF twice that ALL classes would transfer). I have spent weeks researching online about Keiser and the only complaints I can find are high tuition costs (which honestly I'm sick of reading) and issues with financial aid. My plan is gather my own student loans from my bank that has low interest so I won't have to deal with them. My SIL was at her doctor's office and asked the tech where she went to school and said Keiser and she loved it.

I'll be taking the TEAS test on the 30th and if I pass then I'll be finishing 3 prereq's before starting the program in January (HOPEFULLY!!).

So that's my 2 cents on Keiser. You may not think that you would ever go for your BSN at this time - but you never know! ;)

Hope this helps.

Hello, I am a keiser nursing student and I start in august. I had no problems with my financial aid, everyone in the department was very helpful and fast in helping me... They really care about students and are not just there for a paycheck. Also, thr tuition is expensive but I will be the first to tell you that you pay for what you get.... The classes are a total of 24 student.. not 100 so you have more oppurtunity to get to know all classmates and 1 on 1 time with instructors. The clinical sites are nice and throughout the entire program they give you practice tests to help prepare you for the nclex. Hope this helps :)

Xoxo, kaley

Thank you both for posting this! It gives me hope and I am currently finishing up prereqs at BC. As I am sure you heard, BC has changed ALL of the requirements to apply now so I'm getting my math done and micro before you can even apply. I've heard they enjoy failing people at BC and am hearing better things about Keiser and they are fully accredited, SACS and NLN. So unless I can get a 3.8 to get into FAU for the BSN program, I think I will go to Keiser Fort Lauderdale. Please keep us updated on your progress :))

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