PICIS Critical Care Manager


Anyone's facility using this in the ICU? Love it? Hate it?

We've been trying to get it up and running in our ICU for almost a year. It's been a long haul and no one is very happy with it. The docs hate it because they can't just flip open a tri-fold piece of paper and get the overall picture (vitals and I/Os) the way they could with our paper charting. The nurses (myself included although I've tried really hard to keep an open mind) hate it because it's time consuming, makes it difficult to chart what you actually see (as opposed to clicking on the options that the program gives you), takes FOREVER to set up even the simplest new admission, and since it only partially "talks" to our old system we do a lot of double charting.

Guess I'm just wondering if there are any words of wisdom out there...our unhappiness with this system has gone "up the chain" as far as it can go and the word is...you're getting it, learn to love it.

I really do foresee a mass exodus in our future.