PHSC - How many credits/semester is too much?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I am currently attending the community college (actually a state college now) in my town. I've wanted to be a nurse since as along as I can remember, more recently a L&D nurse. I am taking prereqs right now, I've just finished up my first semester. This coming semester (Fall) I am taking 12 credits, 3 classes online and 1 on campus, which I am fine with and confident I can handle. But the semester after that, I want to take Human anatomy & phys 2 & HA&P 2 Lab, as well as microbiology and microbiology Lab. Both glasses are on campus, and then I will be taking English Comp 1 and lifespan development online. In total it is 13 credits. Even though it is only one additional credit than I plan on taking next semester, I am afraid it is too much on campus, with labs.

On on top of this, I work full time as well. But it is completely a boring desk job and I basically study and do homework all day. I can't afford right now to quit my job or go to part time, I have to work up until my actual clinical classes. I'm only 19 and just graduated college last year. I am getting married in October & I just bought a house. I am afraid I may be overloading myself with work, school, personal.

Do you think my line up for classes is too much? Are the classes difficult? I am very focused in school but I also don't want to overload my plate and risk damaging my GPA before I actually apply to the nursing program in my school.

Eh, it wasn't too much for me, I took 14 credit hours last semester, but then I'm married, haven't moved in 2 years, and my kids are getting bigger (and can almost do most stuff for themselves).

A&P 2 and Micro were tough together, but for different reasons. A&P2 was a lot of concepts/processes and facts where Micro was a lot of facts. I did it and got an A in both, but your experience may be different.

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