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I'm a C.N.A. and have recently applied for PCA postion at several hospitals in Houston. It has been mentioned that the recruiters will call and conduct a 1 stage phone interview to determine qualifications for an in-person interview. My experience has been in the Home Health and Assisted living facilities. What kinds of questions would a recruiter ask me over the phone? I assume such questions as, 'what is standard precautions, how to take blood pressure, pulse, respiration, etc... I just want to be prepared if I get a phone interview and in the process I forget something, get nervous, panic... don't want to do that!

Any input would help.



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I don't think they will ask you to tell them how to take a BP etc. Probably they will ask you about your previous work experience. That kind of thing. They might also tell you what shifts the job is, what your duties would be. It would be similar to a face to face interview. If you seem like you might be a good candidate for the job, then they would probably schedule an interview with the manager of the unit. Good luck.


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I had a phone interview, and I was asked how my previous employer would rate me as an employee. Why did I quit that job. What was one of my best days there, and what was one of my hardest. If there was one thing that would make me take a stand what would it be. They explain to you that how long the interview last depends on you. So make it last long and say good things about yourself. Also they ask if you were ever late, or ever had any no call no shows, if you were ever fired. Just say no to all of those questions hahaha. Hope that helped.

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