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Phone call with the director of NP program?

Hi everyone!

So, I recently applied to the psych NP program at Northeastern. A few days later I get an email from the head of the program, she wanted to schedule a phone call to discuss the program. Does anyone know some good questions to ask? I've researched for quite a bit on this program - it is the exact focus that I'm interested in (children/adolescent psych), the perfect location, the perfect courses - basically, I don't have any questions to ask. . .

Is there anything about your np program that you wished you had known before you enrolled?




Specializes in Critical Care & ENT. Has 10 years experience.

I would fully research the program and that may bring forth questions you can ask. Here are some generic questions: 1st time passing rate? Locations for clinical rotations? Do you have to find your own preceptors? Any opportunities for involvement with research? Scholarship opportunities?

Good luck!


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