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My name is Rick and I am relocating to the Phoenix area this summer, I know bad time to move there but I have kids in school. I had some prelim interviews at a few hospitals and have narrowed it down to 3. I was wondering if any of you out there would care to share opinions about any of these hospitals:

Good Samaritan

Desert Samaritan

or Phoenix Baptist

I know that the first 2 are owned by the same company but I am sure there are still differences. i will be going to the ICU's but any general feedback about working conditions, staffing, etc. would be appreciated. Feel free to e-mail me if you feel this discussion would not be of interest to most people reading this board.

Thanks, Rick

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Specializes in Emergency / Level 1 Trauma Center.


Hi, Rick,

Your post didn't mention fromwhere you will be moving, but I hope you will be prepared for the HEAT. A common theme you will here once you arrive will be, "" yeah, but it's a DRY heat..." Anyway, welcome to Phoenix.

Good Samaritan Hospital is a Level One (highest priority) Trauma Center. It is one of 5 in the Metro Phoenix area. It is near the midtown area.

Desert Samaritan is a Level Two Trauma Center and is located in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb east of Phoenix.

Phoenix Baptist is located in the western central portion of the Phoenix.

Of the three, Good Samaritan is the largest, then Desert Samaritan, then Baptist.

You didn't mention your experience or to which ICU you might be going. Each hospital has its own areas of expertise.

You might also consider Maricopa Medical Center, a "county" facility. It is a Level One Trauma Center and has a regional Burn Center. It offers nurses a great deal of autonomy. Additionally, you will see advanced pathology not seen in other hospitals, which greatly adds to your knowledge base.

One thing that I can tell you about the hospital in Phoenix is that they are all BUSY!!!

Good Luck,


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