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I'm a 27 yr old nurse. Studied bsn in the Phil, worked for 2.5 years in dialysis, then moved to the UK, been here 3.5 years, and I between managed to register in vermont and New York USA.

I've just sent an application to ahpra last week, and reading through the threads it seems like it will take time before I hear back from them.

Just wondering if there are other uk nurses here who have recently just moved to Australia and can share their exp, and or more helpful if there are Filipino UK nurses who are in the same boat as me.

I did ielts in 2010 to go to the UK, and so I've submitted an application in virtue of the fact that I've been working here continuously since then. Although I booked for another one in 3 weeks time just in case.

So all together it's about 6 years exp in renal, and I have post grad renal qualifications in the uk and a certified dialysis nurse in the us. For some reason I feel like my application is not gonna be straightforward and wondering if there's any other Phil trained nurses who have not done the bridging course? I don't think I have money for that, quite honestly -__-


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Based on AHPRA's past assessments, you won't be required to do a bridging course. I know nurses from Ireland and UK and they didn't have to go through the bridging program. I have a US RN licence and worked there for a few years and AHPRA waived the bridging program requirements for me. I think if you have a nursing experience in UK, Canada, Ireland, US, you don't have to do the BP.


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thanks! i hope so. i heard its quite expensive, and i dont think i can afford to be a full time student again.

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