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Phd financial package question?

Egeria Egeria (New) New

Hey guys,

Is it allowed/kosher/alright for me to email a school, where I was accepted into their nursing Phd program for this fall, and inquire as to when they're sending out their financial package information? In the original acceptance email from the university, they simply congratulated me on my acceptance into the program and said they would be sending out "official" information in the next 2-3 weeks, including financial packages. It's been over 3 weeks now, and I have an acceptance deadline FAST approaching for another PhD program at a completely different school, where I was also accepted and already given a funding package.

The school I'm waiting to hear from about finances is my preferred program, and I've applied for some pretty comprehensive financial grants/scholarships/funding opportunities with them, which if awarded, would cover my expenses and provide a nice stipend, but I don't know if I've gotten any of them as of yet! I certainly don't want to say yes to my second choice program because I have all their financial information and then find out I got a good package at my first choice and have to beg off of my second. That would be awful! So what do you think? Can I ask my preferred program if that information is coming down the pipeline any time soon? Is that a no-no?


I wouldn't mention the other program. I would simply say, "I'm trying to line up my finances and I need firm numbers so I can plan ahead."


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