Phase 1 ATI

Nursing Students Texas (UTA)


Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. Hope you’re doing well and staying safe! I’m currently a nursing student with UTA for the Spring 2022 year after a whole year delay of situations and I was so excited to wrap up, then I realize I made the worst mistake ever and I wanted to ask y’all for guidance on what to do or if I’ll be OK. 


As we know, we are required to submit our critical points for Phase 1 ATI along with our IPP. I thought I did that for the OB course but realize I made a huge mistake and never sent in the IPP so now I been panicking all day over this situation. I was able to do my Phase 2 and it was graded but the syllabus didn’t say what happen if I didn’t submit the IPP so I am extremely nervous. My clinical instructor did not replay and the professor and I had a situation last sem where I almost failed out of the program altogether and IDK what to do. This is my last chance and I am honestly frightened and want to break down. So I wanted to ask if anyone had this experience before and how the outcome was.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish us all good luck as we do good.

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