Pharmacology question please help!

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Hi! I'm new here to the all nurses forum(I hope this thread is in the right section?:confused:) but I am a freshman in College and have a few questions about the course pharmacology and any information that you could give me that would be helpful would be awesome!

First off I've heard that the class is very, very difficult and has a large workload. If you could just explain to me in general about how difficult the class is and how long you would be studying would be great? Next, is there anything that I could do in the mean-time before I enter med-school that could prepare me for this course?

Remember anything in general about becoming a pharmacist or pharmacology in general would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!



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I'm a bit confused about your career goal, as you mention med school, as well as pharmacy in your post in a nursing forum. Can you clarify for us what your career goal is, as that can help us to answer your question. Pharmacology courses differ from nursing program to nursing program, although they cover the same basics; however, different medical careers, such as medicine, nursing and pharmacy have extremely different courses.



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Perhaps you may want to speak to somebody who has already taken the class at the college you are attending. Ask them what they thought of the class. I didn't think the class was difficult at all. However keep in mind I took the class quite a few years ago (like 15+ years). And I most likely took the class at a different college than you are attending. Perhaps a guidance counselor or the director of your college nursing program could be of help to you? Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. But really, don't sweat's truly not that bad!! Best of luck to you!!


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I think pharmacology is difficult for many students because it is like learning another language. There is a lot of memory work. Hint: Learn what the sympathetic and parasympathic nervous system does. A lot of meds act on one or the other, and they are opposites. This helps learn their action and helps you remember what "negative" affects you can expect or should observe.

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I did not think Pharmacology was as time-intensive to study for as anatomy and physiology, nor as difficult a subject material as microbiology (I did well in both-they were challenging, but certainly very straightforward). However, as mentioned before, it depends on how new you are to medical terminology, etc. Each person has their own study style, and it is very difficult to say how hard or easy a course might be for another person. Everyone has their own definition of "difficult". You could familiarize yourself with the different classes of antibiotics and anti-hypertensives, and the mechanism of action of the various kinds. That will keep you busy for a while, and then it won't be all Greek when you get there.