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Have you heard about the new Rx aid programs? There are several pharmacutaical companies trying to ride to the rescue

A bit of good news about meds

Tthe pharmaceutical companies are starting to implement some help for medicare covered patients with no prescription drug plan or for any person without RX coverage

I have to admit I think the Pharm companies have been raping the system and hurting the patients with the high cost of meds

Especially tough for those over 65 without prescription coverage or for anyone without RX coverage.

More good news about the financial aspects for the patient~~~

Some of these new programs a couple can make as much as $34,000 a year and still qualify

And some of thse programs require very little from us at the office level

yeahh hurray since I am so inundated with paperwork!!!

How is office life for you guys??!

Remember Embrace each day as Life is a gift!~!

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