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Perrin Critical Care 2e Companion Website


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Hello, Wondering if anyone has a link to the Prentice Hall companion website to the Understanding the Essentials of Critical Care Nursing 2e (Perrin) that they can share with. I had found it randomly on Google and loved the study NCLEX questions. My old computer where I had the site bookmarked took a dump, and now I can't find this resource again! Thanks!



Specializes in ER. Has 1 years experience.

It almost is! That is the 1st ed of the book, there's a 2nd ed that has some 2010 cardiac content updates in it, and that was the webpage I had bookmarked. Is there a way to backup Firefox bookmarks though? I did have my Mac data backed up, so the only thing I lost was my Firefox bookmarks. Even my Chrome and Safari bookmarks were saved.