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As a Perioperative clinical educator in southern California, I am very interested in what you perceive to be the core objectives that should be included in an operating room rotation for ADN/BSN students. I have done a literature search, but I sure could use some new ideas. Thank so much in advance for your valuable input.


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Well now, I don't know how valuable my input is :rolleyes:, but how's this for starters:

1. Introduction to the team concept of the OR, and the roles of the different team members--RN (circ, scrub), LPN, ORT, surgeon, anesthesia, X-ray, perfusionists, etc...

2. Introduction to sterile technique-opening and maintaining a sterile field, appropriate sterilization techniques for different items-flashing, steris, etc.

3. How to focus on the patient, and individualize care as much as is possible in the "hurry, hurry, rush, rush, faster, faster" environment of the OR.

4. If time allows, exposure to all specialities - ortho, general, GYN, GU, Eyes, etc...

5. Positioning and skin care

6. Patient safety - positioning, electrosurgery, lasers, etc.

7. Infection control issues--CJD, HIV, MRSA, and so forth...

8. And of course, our "bible" the AORN Standards and Recommended Practices.

I'm sure other OR nurses out there will have more and better ideas. Lucy, best of luck with your project!


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SpineCNOR, I couldn't have said it any better! Students come to us and basically just watch and do not have an agenda given to them from their instructors. I am not sure if the instructors question them very much at the post shift get together. All the items you listed are very good and should be part of a OR rotation. Also, more time. Two days just don't cut it! Too many students come through and want more time but they have to go back to bed baths and such. I think this is a good time for exposure and recruitment. I do support the idea of new grads going to the M/S for at least a year to get that nurse feeling but after that "Go to the light", the OR that is. Mike


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Thanks. Our students only have 10 hours so I pull them all together and tell them how much they are needed. Their instructors are only there if there is a problem so I end up watching over them. I take every opportunity I get to recruit. I would like to set up a work study program during the summer and get 4th semester students. That would be ideal.

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