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Per Diem Pay - recent?

lasante lasante (New) New

Hello there,

I am researching the scale of per diem rates out there (hospital and agency) and am noticing that:

* they seem very outdated;

* or are very low - lower than regular, benefitted wages!

So, I'm starting this thread to see if I can get a range of updated per diem rates as a measure of what can be expected. My demographics are Northern California-based, speciality care RN. As a starter, I've heard that the going rate can range from $70-80, but am not sure if this is highly experience-dependent.

Many thanks!!

Lowest I seen is from 52 to 65 per hour. I'm sure the more experience you have, the higher its going to be.


Hrmm, that still seems pretty low - basically same as regular benefit scale. Is it such that per diem is a small bump up in pay scale?...in which case, besides schedule flexibility, it doesn't seem like much of a monetary benefit, keeping in mind that one might have to purchase health insurance and that the income tax rate is in a higher bracket. Any ideas, thoughts, better per diem rates seen out there?

Thanks again!


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