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Hi all - I have always worked full time as a LPN since 2012 but after having a baby, I have gone back to work in a new position as a per diem float.  I work outpatient for a large hospital system covering 85+ offices.  When I asked to go per diem, they actually created this position for me, as we did not have any per diem LPN's but desperately needed it.  The caveat - they said there is no difference in pay to be per diem since they "don't have" a per diem rate.  at that time, I was too tired and pregnant to care and was just happy to be given the opportunity.  now that I am back to work and per diem, I am annoyed.  I no longer accrue PTO, my 401K is frozen, and I am making the same pay as everyone else without the benefits, so essentially the company is saving money thanks to my position!  I have a meeting with higher ups to discuss, but I need leverage to get an increase in pay.


LPN's in CT: can you tell me where you work and what the difference in pay is from a scheduled/budgeted LPN to a per diem with your employer?  IE: if you make $25 an hour full time, how much more would you make per diem?


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Per diem get a higher pay grade because they don't get benefits. You got a bad deal. Id schedule an appointment or look for a new job. You are losing tons of money.