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  1. Hey any York, PA student nurse, Pre-nursing students, or anyone at HACC college?
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  3. by   nursein08
    Hi there! I don't go to the York campus, but I go to the Gettysburg campus. I'm in the first semester of the RN program. Are you in the program yet or been accepted?

  4. by   johnsonprn2
    Quote from nursein08
    Hi there! I don't go to the York campus, but I go to the Gettysburg campus. I'm in the first semester of the RN program. Are you in the program yet or been accepted?

    Hello Nursein08, so glad to hear that there some fellow nurses in the area. I am sure there are more!, So you go to HACC in Gettysburg? I live in York, and they started that campus here, and the RN program the whole thing will be at york campus. Which is great for me, thought I would have to commute a little farther after the first year, was told clinicals would have to be done in gettysburg or harrisburg. At this moment I am kind of at a lost. As your profile says, about to pull my hair out. I am currently enrolled at YBI tech for CMA, been going about 1 and 1/2 years, have 2 more semesters to go. Well I applied at HACC in July, got accepted, took the placement tests, talked to the advisors, the whole spill, with the intent to start in the January spring semester. Unfortunately the school I am currently attending fall classes do not end until Feb. 23. The will not transfer my financial aid until the end of their fall term, which will be 2 late. As u know payment at HACC for the spring term is due sometime in Dec. If i drop at YBI, I would have to pay back my tuition, fees, books, etc. Next entrance into RN program will be fall of 2007, so right now I am a little tead off, disappointed, and a little hurt. I was so looking forward to starting in the Spring semester. Feels like I am moving backwards. I go to school and I am not even focuses cause it's not where I want to be. Need a spirit lift, HELP!
  5. by   nursein08
    Congratulations on being accepted! Have you talked to the financial aid advisors at HACC? It seems like there needs to be something that they could do for you. Where is your financial aid coming from now, is it through PHEAA? I really hope that they can do something for you, because I know how hard it is to wait for that acceptance letter. I hope you don't have to go through that again. My advice would be to talk to fin. aid at HACC. Our advisors at Gettysburg are really very helpful, I'm sure they would be at York too. Keep me posted and let me know how things are going. Keep your head up! Everything will work out for you in the end! Feel free to private message me anytime you need anything or just need to vent! :wink2:
  6. by   lioneyes
    Hi, I am currently visiting here in York and am accepted to nursing programs elsewhere that are very expensive. Here in York I have a place to live for free/cheap and would prefer to go to nursing school here.

    This HACC that you are talking about, do they have a waiting list to get into? Are there any area nursing schools that don't have a waiting list? (ASN or BSN)

  7. by   Bhmars
    Another one checking in!!! I attend HACC york campus.
  8. by   llg
    What nursing classroom courses are taught at the Gettysburg campus? ... and at the York campus?

    The reason I am asking is that I grew up in that area of the country and my family is always wanting me to move back there. However, the career opportunities there for a person like me (with a PhD in nursing) are very limited. In a few years, I will be looking to semi-retire and hope to find a part-time job teaching a class or two. While I knew there might be some opportunities in York, I hadn't realized that there was an RN program in Gettysburg.

    Good luck, everybody.

  9. by   nursein08
    The RN program at the Gettysburg campus is fairly new. It is only in its 3rd yr, give or take a year. It is an excellent program. They teach all of the ADN nursing classes in Gettysburg.
  10. by   johnsonprn2
    Whew! Big relief, To all my York, HACC student nurses. If you have been following my update, You know I was kind of upset about not being able to start my classes until Fall of 2007. Thanks for the advice NURSE08. I called PHEA, and the Subsidized Straffford Loan Administrators, they advised me that my previous school could not stop me from enrolling in the spring term. They had nothing to do with my financial aid if I change schools. The stopped the processing of my financial aid to that school for the spring. I called them withdrew. Started my financial aid processing at HACC, I go to orientation for the RN program on Dec 4th, register, and off I go. Thank GOD!. I have wanted to do this for so long. May try and go all the way for my BSN. Kind of nervous, my math sucks! The only thing is I have heard some discouraging news that after you finish your required courses that you may have to wait for clinicals up to a year? Is this true? Still excited tho, thanks for your advice and help. And Yes! I made it in. Start classes Jan. 10 or 11th.
  11. by   johnsonprn2
    Starting in spring. The RN program at HACC york campus can be completed at york campus for the ft enrollment. Just in case anyone needs to know. It just started for the spring term. Isn't this just spiffy, don't have to commute far can do the whole course at HACC