When Do Classes Start for Fall 2009

  1. I see on the academic calendar that classes started on September 2nd in 2008, is that the same every year?
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  3. by   HappyMeNow
    Also, after the fall semester, we go into the spring semester, and after the spring semester, we get the summer off right? Does that mean we only have 2 semesters a year?
  4. by   mochabean
    I'm not sure what you're asking, but I start class August 17. Different schools start on different dates,but typically there are 3 semesters each school year: fall, spring, and summer.
  5. by   HappyMeNow
    Are you also in the fall 2009 program? I thought I read that classes start on August 31st? Are you in the day or evening program? Which of your classes start on on the 17th of August?
  6. by   Cherish
    Maybe if you posted the school your talking about that would help. As you know every school has different start dates.