West Chester University Advance to BSN Admissions

  1. Greetings Fellow Futures!

    I wanted to know if anyone got accepted to the West Chester's Advance to BSN nursing program, for non nursing majors. I NEED CHEMISTRY! UGH! West Chester will take all of my pre-reqs from CCP, however, the transfer sheet says that they will not accept the Chemistry credit from CCP that is REQUIRED. Someone from the program called me and told me to look at the course description and compare them, but I would like to know for sure if my chemistry credit will be accepted. Can someone who has been accepted tell me the place and chemistry course number that they used as a pre-req. I know that this is a very detailed question, but I am desparate with no where to turn. The courses that West Chester would like to be fulfilled is CHE107 and the lab is CRL 107

    -Thanks in advance!
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