WCU May 2012.... I'm going insane.

  1. Hi everyone,

    So I don't know if anyone else attended the informational session yesterday 09/22/11 on the Advanced 2 BSN program, but I am by far the most confused applicant ever!!!!

    To those already in the program, they have changed the entire applicant process. We now have to take the TEAS test. But wait, there's more. On their website they have had a link to request the applicant when it becomes available. I filled mine out like months ago. Now, the way they are doing the application process is that they are going by that list to give out applications, and going on a first-come first serve basis. They are also accepting 55 students. Meanwhile, there were well-over 1100 requests for applications from that "list." The first "200" batch of applications were sent out to the first students who signed up from the list. SO basically, if those 55 students are qualified and admitted, the remaining 900 students don't even get a chance to apply for the program.

    HOW UNFAIR IS THAT? There is nothing on the website stating that is how the application process would be. I have no idea where I am on the list. And, I have busted my hiney off all summer, retaking courses to get better grades just for this program. I have no idea what to do. And now, I am going to be in tears all Fall semester.

    Anyone else have any thoughts of this???
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  3. by   angelina726
    I knew they were changing the application process up a bit, but had no idea we were now having to take the TEAS test!!! I have requested an application back in July.. I wonder how long I will be waiting for an application! This has ruined my day
  4. by   tootsie2184
    Oh I know, trust me. I requested an application back in May and I still havent gotten the email about it yet! I am freaking out! WCU is the only schedule that fits with mine (I have a 4 year old son, so childcare arrangements is difficult!).

    BTW, the TEAS isnt hard at all. I took it last year so I plan on just transferring my results from ATI to WCU... but omg. THEN let me tell you, how I called admissions to see if they have my transcripts because I told them the situation where the Nursing Dept isnt collecting anything... and they said they have nothing to do with the program!!! I was like ***! They said I need to send it all to the nursing dept... they are all so unorganized.

    So now Im just worried about when and if Ill ever even get an application.
  5. by   4boysmama
    I signed up for an app way back in late spring, haven't heard anything since. Wasn't able to go to the info session last week, now I'm wishing I had! Which TEAS are they using, IV or V? I had to take the TEAS V for DCCC, so hopefully I can just submit that score (got an 87) It was a difficult test, I really don't want to have to take it again, lol!
  6. by   tootsie2184
    There using test version 5 I believe. Its the newest one. I just got an email about it... thankfully I already taken it within the year so I just had ATI sent over my transcripts. Now I'm just waiting for an application to actually apply. I have never been so stressed in my life!
  7. by   4boysmama
    got the email this week, and they're not sending apps out until you submit the TEAS score. So, the email said to have ATI send transcript of est to "west chester university nursing" but that's not an option at ATI. Just "west chester university" So I hope that if it goes to the main damissions office that it'll actually get to the nursing dept. I know they're pretty unorganized, and frankly I'm a bit pt off by all the "don't call or email us with questions, we don' have time to answer you" stuff.
  8. by   tootsie2184
    Oh I know, trust me that office is outrageously unorganized. The paper for the internal transfer said to send all documentation to the admissions dept. I call the admissions dept and they said they dont know what I am talking about bc the Nursing dept handles everything.

    Then, since I already took the TEAS somewhere they said I could have ATI send over the transcripts (costs $25 dollars) so I did, and they said all they were looking for is a proficent scoring level. I got that level, sent over my transcripts...got an email back saying "Your scores were not high enough to meet the minimum requirement. You must retake the TEAS at another institution.) So I paid $25 for nothing, all because they never told us what minimum requirement they wanted....or else, clearly I can read and I would have not submitted my first scores under that minimum. The F*ck!!! Needleless to say, I was highly p*ssed.

    I got into Neumann University though so if worse comes to worse Ill go there. I applied to WCU internal transfer too which doesnt require TEAS so HOPEFULLY I will get in somewhere in WCU.

    AHHHH! Lets all just BREATHE. lol.
  9. by   4boysmama
    I have to admit that wcu isn't the top choice on my list simply because of how disorganized I've heard they are (and seem to be now witnessing firsthand with the app process) I just went hunting the info session podcast, and can't find it even though the website says it was to be posted last monday)

    how soon after sending your teas score in did you get the email from them? I just paid the $25 to send my transcripts (I got an 87 so I know that's high enough to meet the requirement) and I'm wondering how much time I'll have to pull everything together. Since they're accepting on a first-come basis, I wnt to get it in ASAP.
  10. by   tootsie2184
    They called me a week after I submitted my scores from ATI. They are having another TEAS on Saturday, so I think they are going to wait until after that TEAS session is complete. That's what they did after the first TEAS session. You should be ok for sure if you got 87. Oh and I would request all your transcript to be sent to you so you can just give your entire app to the nursing dept yourself because chances are they will not keep your transcripts there.
  11. by   4boysmama
    I got an email with the app and instructions earlier this week, so you were right Tootsie they were waiting for the TEAS on Sat.

    The apps are no longer going to the nursing dept - it's the standard WCU application (not a special nursing app like previously). The app, transcripts, and personal essay, along with TEAS scores, are to be submitted to the general admission office. I'm guessing perhaps they'll really start relying on the TEAS score for admissions decisions, like DCCC does.
  12. by   tootsie2184
    Yep. I didn't get an email about an application, so I guess my scores weren't high enough. It's a shame they didn't notify the students longer than a week to prepare for the actual exam. But it also doesn't even make sense. If you look at the NCLEX pass rates, most community colleges range from 85% pass rates, while all the BSN programs that don't require the TEAS alll have higher than 90% pass rates. Makes no sense to me.
  13. by   tootsie2184
    Bumping up. Did anyone receive an application and get accepted?
  14. by   Galway2003
    I had an interview on Nov 16th and I am anxiously awaiting word on acceptance....

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