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  1. Hi. I recently accepted a Nurse Extern Position at Harrisburg Hospital. I was wondering if anyone out there knows much about Pinnacle Health System. All that I really know is that they have achieved magnet status. I was wondering what makes the working conditions at hospitals such as these "better". Also I was told that most of their externs are offered jobs as GN's upon completion of their externship. Does anyone know if they offer a competetive wage. Thanks for your time!
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  3. by   Brian F
    I would be very cautious about Pinnacle health. I worked there for almost 5 yrs and have had excellent reviews and all. Back in Feb-March another co-worker accused me of something that was not true and I had written documentation that it was not and management did not believe me, even with the proof. They took the other persons side and ignored me. I have always been an outstanding employee and was eventualy let go over this incident. Totally not fair and the other person still works there and nothing done to that individual. They also make my one friend who works in a different department work while whe is injured. She hurt her back trying to assist a patient to the floor instead of falling and they told her she has to work and connot "play secretary" and not take patients cause it is not good for the cost of the unit.
    I am not sure what they pay their GN's but I know when I worked there, A nusre who has worked there 2 yrs was making about $24/hr. I will be making just about that much as a new RN at another facility and have no experience and I get free benefits. At Harrisburg I was getting about $130/every 2 weeks out my pay for benefits ($260 month). Now I pay nothing for benefits so I probably make more than a RN who has been there a while if you figure it out, plus I get a lot more training and knowledge base than I ever did at Harrisburg. It was OK I guess to start, but I know a lot of people who are tired of management at Harrisburg and are looking to leave. Some of these are great experienced nurses that I looked up to for guidance as an extern. Most of them even agreed with me about the incident I described earlier that is was not fair what management did and the way they handled it. That is my own personal experience so take it for what its worth. I also know the post surgical floor (M6) doesn't like "guys" working on that floor. My one friend worked there as a GN-RN and they kind of forced him out by giving him a harder time than the female workers and different things, which is discrimination to be honest. BE CAREFULL if you work or stay there!! Yes they are Magnet but the only ones that is means anything to is the one who were on the committee to get that status. many others dont care about it and like I said, a lot are looking to leave. Most nurses think they just did it for the recognition and dont really abide to what it means to have magnet status. take care and be careful!!! Look at all your options...there are other hospital out there offering much more to GN's...look around!!! It was a blessing getting let go bacuause it opened up other oportunities for me that are far better than anything I would have had at Harrisburg that I would not have found otherwise. My advice...look around, depending where you live maybe you could come work where I now do, it is awesome and would not change it for the world!