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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me what they think about Robert Morris University SON (Pittsburgh) , Carlow University SON, and/or Waynesburg University SON. These are all BSN programs. I have applied to these programs and was wondering if there was anyone who went to one of these schools and what they thought about it. If anyone works with a graduate of one of these programs or knows about these programs what do you think of the school and the graduates. I'm still waiting to see if I've been accepted :icon_roll
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  3. by   KneKno
    I work with some Wayneburg graduates, and some students do clinicals on my unit. The new nurses progress through orientation without any major difficulties, and none of the day shift RN preceptors (of students) have ever voiced any complaints about their skills or knowledge.
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    Thanks for the info.
  5. by   mafornow7
    Speaking of PA schools, any information on Lcctc (lancaster county career & Tech center)? I am in the admission process for this program.....I have heard this program makes graduates "eligable" for the licensing exam, but is not accredited by Pennsylvania board of nursing, but by the council on occupational this a problem for someone like myself who wants to continue to work in Maryland after licencing? what if I go thru the program, and cannot get licenced in maryland? anyone's help is appreciated!