OR nurses in Kittanning

  1. Generally, what's it like working in the OR in the Armstrong County Hospital OR ? Have a possible candidate.
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  3. by   Purple Princess
    I had the honor of observing a surgery taking place at Armstrong hospital as a student nurse. There was the surgeon, her assistant, the anesthesiologist and the scrub nurse and circulating nurse. From an outsiders perspective of course the whole team got along and everyone had respect for one another. The scrub nurse's job was to count all the supplies and handing the surgeon anything she needed during the operation as well as suctioning and such. The circulating nurse kept records of everything, made phone calls as necessary, charting, and getting supplies for the team cause she was the only one permitted to leave the room. Everything is carefully charted,patient monitored, and sterile fields maintained. The nurses told me that they became RN's and just took a course in OR training and neither had their bsn to my knowledge. The staff nurses are mostly nice too. I don't know the daily working conditions at the hospital. Occassionally they have been short staffed but not too often. It's a small hospital in a rural community. good luck!!! ps. I'm a CNA at the local nursing home