New Grad salary in Penn (Philly or Pitt)

  1. Hi All,
    I am graduating from Tennessee university in December and thinking of moving to Penn... Pls what is the starting base pay there for new grad.

    Do you also know any hospital that sponsors international applicants for green card?
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  3. by   curlykew
    New grad nurses in the Philadelphia area start at about $27/hour. Hope this helps you.
  4. by   maro
    Thanks for the reply on the pay in Philadephia. You said the pay for new grad is $27/hr, is that the base pay? If that is the base pay how much is the differential? for nights and weekend..

  5. by   IvylandRN
    I live just outside philly and I have found the salaries slightly higher in the city, but you have to pay city wage tax and deal with parking and related fees. In Bucks County the base pay for new grads starts working in hospitals are paid around 24.00/hr evenings get 1.00 more, nights get 1.50-2.00 weekends get another 1.00-2.00 and if you go into ICU/CCU, ER you get another 1.50-3.00. October was suppose to bring raises across the board for all nurses (not sure if and how much went through). You may be able to negotiate a higher salary due to the need for permanant staff nurses.
    I am also curious to know what salaries are in varied types of nursing in the SE Pa area.
    Good luck