need a little direction!

  1. I am from the Philadelphia are and I am trying to find a school that offers an LPN course at night. Right now I work as a medical assistant and I have tried to go back to nursing school twice and it hasn't worked out so I figured i give the LPN course a shot but i can't find a school. Any suggestions??
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  3. by   hennesm81
    I would love to hear an answer to your question, as well... I'm beginning the nursing journey myself, and will likely have to do it all nights and weekends. I'll be starting a PCA/CNA Program in Spring '08 (if all goes well), but intend to go as far as I can in nursing over time, in steps... So it doesn't hurt for me to start thinking about my LPN and/or RN now, either...
  4. by   catlvr is in Center City; there are two admission meetings coming up, so probably best o check it out soon.

    Eastern Center for the Arts and Technology has a part time, two year program (
    They are located in Willow Grove/Royersford.

    Princeton Information Technology Center ( in Glenside has a full time day program.

    That is all that I know of, hope that it is helpful! Best to you both on your journey.