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  1. Hello Everyone,
    i'm getting married this summer and will be moving to philly from indiana in august. my fiance goes to school at temple, so i'm somewhat familiar with that area. i currently am about to finish up my first yr of nursing in oncology. does anyone have any suggestions of hospitals to work? I really would love to work in L&D...anything OB, psych, or even a clinic or office setting. What is the job market like in philly? is there just a lot of med/surg openings? did it take you a long time to find a job you wanted? any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!
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  3. by   sharoma55
    There are quite a number of hospitals to choose from depending on where you will be living. The main city hospitals are Temple, Hahneman, Jefferson, Pennsylvania Hospital, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (HUP), Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, Graduate hospital. As for working in OB I am not sure how you would go about it. I could not find a job as a new graduate, maybe with some experience it is better.

    Good Luck to you
  4. by   fiestygirl
    Just finished the whole job search thing. The job market is not that great supposedly bc there is no shortage in Philly anymore. However, I definitely did get calls back. The other problem is that Graduate is closing (if it did not close yet) meaning a whole load of experienced nurses also looking for a job like yourself. You have no interest in oncology? I know Jefferson is hiring for oncology positions. As for L and D, I think that will be a hard area to get into or so I hear from friends going that same route. Check Pennsylvania hospital. They have the most births in Philadelphia. I am not sure where you will be living but Christiana Hospital in Delaware has a large L&D area. (I know this sounds far, but here on the East Coast another state is 20 minutes away)