LPN Refresher Courses/RN Refresher Course

  1. I am in Center City Philadelphia and I think it is pathetic that we have nothing, nothing but Kaplan type reviews. I took one and yes it brought hope back to me but was it was not enough for my situation. LPN license expired over 7 years now, don't ask, have ADN from 1994, failed boards July 24, 2006, which I took finally after a year and half of trying to bring back nursing school from 12 years ago. I am sure that you got the picture. Well, in order to renew my LPN license, I have to take a Pennyslvania State Board approved LPN refresher course or go entirely thru LPN school again, graduated that in 1980 something, went back with the youngins who said common you can do it follow us, well I did, and I lost 101 and 102 skills that I got credit for by the time I finally got into the nursing program. Whew, exhausting but very grateful for all my journey and hard work but I have literally put myself in a very crummy situation.
    So, any help for refresher course, if I could find a six monther, I would my heart, soul, and all internal organs into it. As far as a long term RN refresher, I do not think that I am eligible since I have never been licensed as an RN
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