Looking to relocate from Chicago to Pittsburgh

  1. Hi, as the title of the thread says I'm looking to relocate from Chicago to Pittsburgh in 2010 hopefully to attend Univ of Pittsburgh. I'm somewhat familiar with the hospital systems in the area but I'd like to hear what fellow nurses have to say...the good and bad.

    I know I'll probably make less than here in Chicago but any ideas on rage in salary with an RN with a BSN with 5 years ICU experience could make?

    Any info would be appreciated Thanks!
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  3. by   Honnte et Srieux
    You will be insulted with the wages you are offered, but you have to remember that housing is MASSIVELY less expensive in Pittsburgh than in Chicago (around 50% cheaper, depending on which cost of living calculator you use), and the overall cost of living is substantially lower (about 20-40% lower).

    Some calculators say if you were making $70k in Chicago, you could live comparably in Pittsburgh on around $50k...but I'm going to have to say that I'd be surprised if you will find a starting wage at $50k.

    When I left Pittsburgh in 2002, I was making $25.50 per hour working part-time night shift ICU...with less than five years experience.

    Since you have ICU experience, you might want to look to one of the flight programs; they might be able to start you at $50k (or maybe a little more), and Pittsburgh regional flight programs all work 24 hour shifts, meaning a full-time employee only works two days per week with five days off for school. I used this arrangement to finish my BS in Nursing (which they paid half of) and complete my first semester of grad school....and I still had time to work a little OT and tighten up the bottom line.

    Good luck, and remember that some employers offer tuition assistance.
  4. by   Marz
    Thanks! I know I may be in for quite a sticker shock so that's why I'm trying to do all the research I can and not get my hopes up haha...I keep telling myself I'm moving for the great school and may have to live on a tighter budget for a few years but it'll be worth it!

    you know I never thought of flight programs but it may be something to consider and the hours are quite attractive for a student...any good programs you could recommend? are they independent ones or affiliated with the hospital?

    Thanks Again!!