Long Term Care to Hospital Rehab

  1. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant at a Pittsburgh area nursing home.

    Today I was offered a job at a UPMC hospital as a CNA on the rehab floor. I'm very excited about this (although I will miss my co-workers and nurse and my residents at the home! - mixed emotions here!).

    I've only worked as a CNA at the nursing home and if anyone can maybe provide an overall scenario of what kind of work I'd be doing in the hospital, I'd appreciate it. I would hope I could do as much as I can to relieve the nurses from mundane direct care (such as dressing or helping the patients bathe).

    I know that I will have different patients from one week to another - one difference from a LTC setting to a hospital setting.

    Certainly I will find out more once I'm on the job and work with my preceptor. Still, I'd like to hear from the nurses here as to what work they delegate to the nursing assistants in hospitals.

    Thanks for all info!

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