Lehigh Valley per diem work

  1. I currently work at Lehigh Valley Hospital, but I am interested in picking up some per diem work. Does anyone have any experience working per diem at any of the hospitals in the Lehigh Valley area, or experience with agencies there?
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  3. by   Annony RN
    St Luke's and Sacred Heart both have per diem programs. Sacred Heart is called TPT and pays better than Lehigh's perdiem. I know Warren has perdiems (and pays well, too), not sure about Easton but would assume so. Don't know about Luke's. I'm sure most LTCs also have perdiem or you can work through an agency.
  4. by   mummer43
    Thanks, I will contact those hospitals.
  5. by   mummer43
    I was told that Easton uses an agency for their per diem, but I can't seem to find out which one it is. Does anyone know of any good agencies in the Lehigh Valley area?