Just got accepted into CCP Advanced Placement option for nurses

  1. Hey guys,
    I got my ccp advanced placement letter last week and i was just wondering how difficult the transition course was for the non-credit class there. I am an Army Combat Medic and i hope that helps with the Nursing tasks. Thanks for the reply's in advanced.
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  3. by   txd131

    Also, I was told that the transition course would be fridays from october to december. Does anyone know what times they usually offer it? I'm assuming it would be just one class offered due to the small amt of students coming in through the LPN-RN path.
  4. by   docpham
    Hey, it is 4 fridays from 8-12 and they are pretty much pointless, unorganized and quite frustrating. For the last class there was about 30 or so of us most of them LPNs or former nursing students. They do not really teach you anything since you, "should already know" and their attitudes towards this group are like that. All that is required from you is your attendance obviously, pass a math test, and get "Go's" on their skills test. This test will be taken when the rest of the first year students are finishing up their year as well. BTW, you have to pay like 160ish dollars at the end to have 7 credits transferred to your transcript. Good luck with everything else and welcome to the class of 2013. If you have any further questions just email me at spham1@ccp.edu
  5. by   txd131
    Hey, thanks for the inside info docpham! I'll make sure to ask with any questions.