Interview w/ Villanova Tomorrow....Help!!

  1. I've recently applied to several accelerated BSN programs, Villanova being one of them. I have my interview tomorrow and I'm so nervous and don't know what to expect! If anyone has been to an interview for Villanova or any other school I was hoping to get some advice and maybe an idea of what kind of questions they ask....I've never interviewed before!! PLEASE HELP!
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  3. by   pawashrn
    Don't always worry about what they are going to ask. Have a list of your own. 1) In the last 5 years, where has the school ranked on graduates passing their boards, the first time.
    2) What is the student to instructor ratio during clinical
    3) Do they offer pre-board practice test support
    4) Is the school clinical oriented or management orient
    Just a few tips. hope it helps, Vill I hear is ok, but I have no strong supportive evidence one way or another