hi, i'm new! Taking pre-reqs for school.

  1. Hi! I'm new on this board, but just thought I would introduce myself.

    I'm 25 and returning to school to take my prereqs (already have a Bachelor's in Dramatic Writing from Drexel). I guess I joined to learn more/read opinions about nursing. Honestly, I used to not think highly of nurses because of a volunteer experience that was interesting patient experience wise, but didn't have much to offer as far as staff. I am at a really great volunteer site now and I have learned a great deal, plus they have pretty much changed my mind about nurses 360 degrees! I think I lucked out in that respect.

    I was thinking of becoming a PA-C, but I am beginning to discover that PA-C is sort of limited in what they can do.

    I was just wondering about programs. I think that I am going to apply in Fall of 2007 to some in the area. Right now, I am working in a major university (They are fronting some of my prereq bills!) academic library as a Bib. Assistant (training students on science databases, managing, info. tech type of stuff) and I had worked as a library assistant at a federal government agency. While teaching me valuable lessons about researching skills, I hope to never become a librarian.

    I was just wondering if you could recommend some programs. I have heard mixed opinions on Drexel ACE, nothing really on Penn, mixed opinions on FACT-Jefferson, and mixed opinions on Villanova.

    Ideally, I believe that I would want to become an NP, since I was considering the PA-C field.

    Any advice? Feelings?

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