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  1. Hi I just found out I was accpeted to Excela Health School of Anesthesia in Latrobe. I am from CA and I will be moving out there for school and I don't know anything about the area. I would like to move halfway between Latrobe and Pittsburgh so my husband could get a job in the city. I have a son that will be 2 and will need to go to a daycare for the first time...so you can see this will be a big change for all of us! Any pieces of advice would be appreciated...regarding the good neighborhoods to live in....childcare....rent...anything and everything!
    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Shamira Aizza
    If it were me, I would look in Monroeville or Murrysville; this would put your husband reasonably close to Pittsburgh and possibly make the drive into the city more tolerable, while putting you in the convenient situation of heading east in the morning toward Latrobe while everyone else is heading west (from that side of the city), to get into Pittsburgh.

    The Greensburg, Jeannette, Irwin area wouldn't be a bad choice, either.

    What kind of job does you husband intend on getting? Pittsburgh isn't necessarily a haven for employment like most cities, and he may do just as well looking for a job in Greensburg, Johnstown, or the town of Indiana, PA.