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  1. Hi, I will be starting my BSN program at Duquesne University in the fall of this year. I am extremely nervous and not sure what to expect. I assume this is a natural feeling, I hope it is anyway.

    Does anybody know anything about Duquesne's program and could anyone provide me with some insight? Has anyone here received their BSN from here? Any feedback would really be great! I've already visited the school numerous times and have my reasons why I've chosen to go there. But it is always very helpful to have other perspectives.

    I would just like to note that I will be a freshman, I'm not doing the accelerated program.

    Thank you!
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    Hi! I teach clinical PT in their BSN program. It's undergoing some changes... BUT ONLY FOR THE BETTER!!! I would highly recommend the program to any potential students.
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    Hey, you might not see this until later or you might not at all, but ah well it's worth a shot. if you could let me know how their program is and your take on it, that would be swell. I'm from around the Pittsburgh area and Duquesne is a tenative option for me to transfer over from my current university...I'm still pre-nursing. Oh and did you ever take Micro at CCAC? I would PM you about all this, but alas, I do not have enough active topics yet. : )
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    My daughter just got accepted to Duquesne's nursing program - will be a Freshman Fall 2015. Do you still feel positive about the program. We saw where the new simulation lab is going to be and were disappointed that it is located underneath an overpass, off campus. Are they going to move the old equipment from the current simulation lab over there or are they going to get new equipment. What year do students start clinicals? Is the campus safe? Thanks.